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Recipes for the Women's World Cup 2015

Brazilian feijoada was the first dish featured on this blog's World Cup 2014 celebration

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 is being hosted in Canada and begins next Saturday, 6th June. An initial 24 teams from nations around the world will contest the event. While women's football/soccer is often unjustly scorned by many male fans, there is no doubt there will be a great deal of top quality entertainment provided throughout the tournament with some very skillful players on show.

Beef stuffed bell peppers represented Bosnia in 2014

Food of course plays an integral part in a large sporting event of any type. Last year, when the men's World Cup 2014 was being played in Brazil, I ran a feature on this blog incorporating traditional recipes from many of the participating countries, each creation given my own special little twist. I thought about doing similar for the Women's World Cup in Canada with different dishes of course but then I came up with an alternative option.

This beautiful tapas platter was the Spanish dish for World Cup 2014

What I am going to do is look at some of the matches taking place in the World Cup and create in each instance a fusion dish to hopefully represent both participating countries. I think this affords a great opportunity to devise new recipes I would probably never otherwise have considered and I hope to find at least a few which work well enough that I'll want to prepare them again and again.

Spicy meat and potato hotpot was the featured dish from Cameroon

I will publish each dish a couple of days or so before the relevant match takes place, allowing anyone who likes the idea plenty of time to assemble the necessary ingredients and prepare the dish to enjoy perhaps while watching the particular match. It may be a means of adding extra interest and fun to the occasion, especially if your country is involved in the match and you are having friends over to enjoy the occasion as a group.

Canard au vin (duck in wine) was my French dish for World Cup 2014

The first recipe will be published this coming midweek and will be dedicated to the opening Women's World Cup fixture which sees the hosts Canada take on China. It will feature typically Canadian and Chinese ingredients, hopefully blended together in an attractive and tasty fashion. Want to see what I come up with for this match and more? Why not follow this blog by e-mail via the option in the right hand margin and be notified as soon as the posts are up?

Sole meuniere was the dish prepared to represent Belgium for Brazil 2014

Regardless of who ultimately lifts the trophy, let's hope we see a great spectacle, enjoy some great games and see women's football elevated as a result to new levels of popularity, all the while enjoying some great food of many different types from a variety of countries and cuisines around the world.

Chacarero Chileno was my dish created for Chile in Brazil 2014

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