Saturday, 17 August 2013

Chicken Fritters Roll with Roast Potatoes

Chicken fritters with garlic dressing in a bread roll with roast potatoes

Chicken fritters like these ones are made from strips of fresh chicken breast fillet. They are deep fried in a simple batter to produce delicious, tender, succulent chicken in a crisp and crunchy shell. While it may be more common to serve an almost burger style creation like this with chips or fries, these tasty garlic and chive roast potatoes made a scrumptious alternative on this occasion.

Ingredients per Serving

1 skinless chicken breast fillet
2 tbsp self-raising/rising flour
Vegetable oil for frying
1 bread roll or burger bun
Squeeze of garlic and herb salad dressing
Garlic and chive roast potatoes to serve

Preparing batter for making chicken fritters


Spoon the flour in to a flat-bottomed bowl and season with salt. Very slowly, start pouring in milk as you whisk with a fork until a batter the consistency of double/heavy cream has been formed.

Deep frying pan of oil for frying chicken fritters

Add about an inch and a half depth of vegetable oil to a deep frying pan and bring it up to a high heat. Slice the chicken breast fillet lengthwise in to three portions. Dip each chicken strip in turn in to the batter and briefly allow the excess to drip off before gently depositing in the hot oil.

Chicken fritters are drained on kitchen paper

Fry the fritters for about five minutes, turning occasionally with a deep frying spider, until the batter is crisp and a burnished golden colour. Lift to a plate covered with kitchen paper to drain off the excess oil and allow them to become even more crisp and dry.

Toasted bread roll

Cut the bread roll or burger bun in half and lightly toast on the cut sides. Lay on a serving plate as shown.

Chicken fritters are laid on bread roll and plated with herb roast potatoes

Lift the chicken fritters on to the bottom half of the roll and plate the roast potatoes. Squeeze the garlic and chive dressing over the fritters and lay the top of the roll in place to serve.

Chicken fritters on bread roll with garlic and chive roast potatoes

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