Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Easy Jamaican Jerk Spiced Chicken Wings

Jamaican jerk spiced chicken wings are served with tomato, onion and a lemon wedge

Jamaican jerk chicken is something I first tasted in the form of street food at the famous Notting Hill Carnival in London, a few years back. I loved it but for some reason it is not something I have ever previously tried to prepare. That changed only when I saw Jamaican jerk spice in my local supermarket a few days ago while looking for something else. I decided to give this simple idea a go to try it out for the first time and produce a quick and tasty meal. I definitely loved it and will get more adventurous with the spice in future.

Jamaican jerk spice and salt are added to olive oil

Ingredients per Person

8 whole chicken wings
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp Jamaican jerk spice mix
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 small white onion
1 medium tomato
Chopped parsley to garnish
Fresh lemon wedge

Chicken wings are carefully folded through oil and spices


Put your oven on to preheat to 400F/200C and pour the olive oil in to a large glass or stone (not plastic - it may stain it irrevocably) bowl. Add the jerk spice and salt and stir to form a smooth paste. Put the chicken wings in to the bowl and stir them in a gentle folding motion to evenly coat with the oil and spices. This will take a couple of minutes and a bit of patience.

Spiced wings are ready for the oven

If time permits, you may wish to cover the chicken wings and leave them to marinate in the spices for a couple of hours but this is not essential. Lay the chicken wings in a single layer on a large roasting tray and place them in to the oven for half an hour.

Onion slices are added to the cooked Jamaican jerk spiced chicken wings

Take the wings from the oven and scatter over the sliced and separated onion strands. Stir carefully through the juices with a wooden spoon. Leave to rest for ten minutes.

Onion slices are carefully folded through the spiced chicken wings

Cut the tomato in half and each half in to three wedges. Arrange the wings and onions on a plate and garnish firstly with the tomato wedges. Scatter with the chopped parsley and sit the lemon wedge on the side of the plate.

Jamaican jerk chicken wings are plated and garnished firstly with tomato wedges

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