Sunday, 6 November 2011

Quail and Herb Buttered Steak with Chips and Braised Savoy Cabbage

Steak and chips is a classic and delicious combination but it can be just a touch predictable. This recipe for steak and chips is spiced up by the addition of braised Savoy cabbage and onion but particularly by a small amount of quail and herb butter. Quail are a very small game bird and this butter is made simply by laying some cooked and cooled quail meat in the base of a small ramekin, covering it with freshly chopped parsley and filling the ramekin up with melted butter. The full instructions for making this delicious condiment can be found on my Quail Recipes site.

Ingredients per Person

1 large potato for making chips
1 6oz beef steak
3 or 4 leaves of Savoy cabbage
1/2 small white onion
1/2 oz quail and herb butter
Olive oil for frying and braising
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


The three stage method of preparing chips which I use has been detailed many times before on this blog. If you need a reminder, you can get full details here: How to Make Perfect Homemade Chips, or simply use your own method.

When the chips are just about ready for their final frying, it is time to cook the steak. You will need to put an ovenproof plate in to a low oven to preheat. This will be used for resting the cooked steak. Bring some olive oil up to a high heat in a frying pan. Season the steak well on both sides with sea salt and black pepper. The cooking time for the steak will vary depending upon how you like your steak and the thickness of your steak. This three-quarter inch steak was fried for three minutes each side on a very high heat for medium rare.

Remove the steak from the pan to the heated plate and cover with foil to rest. Start the final frying of your chips.

Shred the cabbage leaves and finely slice the onion. Bring some more olive oil up to heat in a clean frying pan, add the cabbage and onion and season with sea salt and pepper. Sautee for three to four minutes.

Plate the steak and lay the chips, Savoy cabbage and onion alongside. Put the quail and herb butter on top of the steak and serve immediately.

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