Sunday, 22 May 2011

Spicy Sausage Casserole with Cheesy Bread

This spicy sausage casserole is an incredibly simple dish, perfect for any night where you can't face spending a great deal of time cooking, or where time is short and you simply want to throw something together, stick it in the oven and be eating within the hour.

Ingredients per Person

4 beef link sausages
1/2 red onion
2 small red chilli peppers
2 cloves of garlic
2 pints of fresh beef stock
Salt and black pepper
Torn basil leaves to garnish


Put your oven on to preheat to 375F/190C. Pour the beef stock in to a pot and heat it gently until it reaches a simmer.

Removing the core from the garlic cloves is optional but be aware that where there is significant core in a garlic clove, it can introduce an unpleasant bitterness to the cooked dish. Slice each clove in half as shown above. Simply pick the core out of each half with the point of your knife and discard. Finely chop the flesh of the garlic and the red chillis. Note that this recipe is fairly hot so you may prefer to use only one red chilli. Slice the red onion.

Place the sausages in to a deep casserole dish. Scatter the onion, garlic and chilli over the top. Season and carefully pour over the heated beef stock. Put the lid on to the dish and place it in to the oven for forty-five minutes.

This spicy sausage casserole can very effectively be served with boiled potatoes and other vegetables. Try serving it, however, in a deep bowl, garnished with torn basil leaves and accompanied by either plain crusty bread or cheesy bread, similar to that pictured above. Below are links to a couple of sites which afford suggestions for various bread recipes, most of which are very simple and quick to prepare and are delicious along with this casserole.

Cheesy Bread Recipes

Bruschetta Recipes

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