Saturday, 20 November 2010

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Cooks 2010: Bread Makers

There are few more pleasing smells in this world than that of freshly baked bread. Baking bread, however, in the traditional sense, is very much an art form. Knowing what yeast to use, how much, how long to leave the bread to rise and the extent to which to knead the dough are just some of the areas in which home cooks can go drastically wrong. That is where modern bread making machines can know such value to the amateur cook in your life.

How much would it extend the culinary repertoire of any cook who could successfully begin producing their own bread for the first time? Consider how many meals we eat which incorporate bread of some type. Be it toast at breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, or small bread rolls to accompany dinner, the usage which can be obtained from a bread machine is phenomenal.

Below are some ideas of the bread machines currently available on Amazon. Click on a link for full details, to see how much you are saving and to purchase a Christmas gift for your favourite cook that will give them endless fun and satisfaction.

Perhaps you may also wish to purchase a bread recipe book to accompany your gift of the bread machine? After all, the machine itself without a recipe is of little practical use. Alternatively, if your special cook already has a bread machine, these books may still prove very practical.

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