Wednesday, 24 March 2010

How to Make Beer Can Chicken - by The Thrillbilly Gourmet

Today, I am taking a complete break away from the norm on, "What Should I Have for Dinner Tonight?" I am essentially taking a back seat and featuring a guest blogger on the site. This is something which I will do from now on, on a fairly regularly basis, and I will endeavour to provide as much variety in cooking style and recipe ideas as I can.

I would like to introduce you today to The Thrillbilly Gourmet from Tennessee, USA. Like me, The Thrillbilly Gourmet has no formal culinary training but has learned her craft both through experience and through knowledge acquired from others in a whole host of different ways, over a period of time.

The Thrillbilly Gourmet will show us in this post how to make beer can chicken, in a simple, no-nonsense fashion. Even better, she will do so in the form of videos, taking us through the process from start to finish.

I would seek only to point out at this stage that UK readers/viewers should use lager for this recipe for best effect, rather than ale/bitter/stout. Save the latter options for cooking with stronger flavoured meats such as beef, in the form perhaps of Steak and Ale Pie. I would also heartily recommend that where circumstances and budgetary considerations permit, free range, organic chicken should be used in this or any chicken recipe.

In this first of two videos, The Thrillbilly Gourmet will take us through the process of preparing the chicken for the grill and actually getting it on the grill. Sitting comfortably? Click the arrow in the centre of the screen below to start the video...

It goes without saying, of course, that in order to prepare this truly delicious dish, one requires a suitable grill. It may well be the case that you already have one and, if so, great! If you don't have a grill or barbecue suited to making this recipe, however, or perhaps you simply feel that yours is past its best and requires replacement, here are a couple of options you may wish to consider on both and Simply click on the relevant image for further details.

(Note that I have included one gas and one charcoal grill in each instance.)

You may be thinking that now the chicken is on the grill, all you have to do is wait until it is cooked, remove it, cut it and eat it. As we shall see in the second video, however, that is not the case. Don't make the mistake of failing to watch the second video in full if you truly want to enjoy beer can chicken at its very best!

Once again, The Thrillbilly Gourmet takes us through the required process...

Well, I hope that you are hungry and off to arrange to try this recipe out for yourself. Thank you for watching the videos today and I hope that you enjoyed the deviation from the norm. If you want to see lots more videos from The Thrillbilly Gourmet and discover more of her mouth-watering recipes, you can do both via the link below:

The Thrillbilly Gourmet (aka Dixie Mockingbird) on Hub Pages

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