Friday, 10 July 2009

Chicken Salad on French Toast

If you fancy just a light dinner some evening, this chicken salad on French toast could be the perfect option. Alternatively, it could be made in larger quantities to provide a more substantial meal.

The chicken leg and thigh meat works best in this salad, or even the scraps of meat which were picked off the carcass.

Ingredients (Per Person)

Meat from one chicken leg and thigh
Two slices of bread
1 egg
1 handful of green salad leaves of choice
2 tsp horseradish sauce
Sunflower oil for frying


Cut a disc as large as possible from each slice of bread with a cutter or large drinking glass. Add a little sunflower oil to a non-stick frying pan and bring up to a medium heat. Beat the egg and dip the bread discs in to it until they are thoroughly coated before frying for a couple of minutes each side.

Place the discs of French toast on a plate and spread each with a tsp of horseradish sauce. Add the salad leaves and the chicken and serve.

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