Friday, 20 March 2009

Diced Turkey and Vegetable Stir Fry

Normally when we are making a stir fry incorporating poultry we will do so using chicken or perhaps even duck. This recipe actually was born when I was wondering around my local supermarket one night, simply checking what was available and seeking inspiration. I spotted diced turkey thigh on special offer and thought to myself, "What if...?"

A lot of recipes come to me in this fashion so all I subsequently had to do was visit the vegetable aisle and see what caught my eye to accompany the diced turkey in my stir fry. I hope very much that you like the sound and the look of what I came up with and that you will try this incredibly quick and simple dish for yourself.

I promise you: it tastes even better than it sounds or looks!


1/2lb diced turkey thigh
1 red bell pepper (de-seeded and roughly chopped)
2 large closed cup mushrooms (quartered)
2 handfuls of beansprouts
2 cloves of garlic (very finely chopped)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Sunflower oil for stir frying


Ensure that all your ingredients are prepared as described above and close at hand. When you begin cooking, you will not have time to chop or even fetch any of the items listed.

Put your wok on the highest heat possible until it is smoking hot. Add approximately one tablespoon of sunflower oil and bring up to a maximum heat.

Add the diced turkey and stir fry for a minute or two until it is completely sealed before adding the bell pepper. After another thirty seconds or so, add the mushrooms, the garlic and the beansprouts. Stir fry for about another minute until everything is cooked and heated through.

Season to taste and serve either as is or perhaps on a bed of basmati rice.

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